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Letters {Number 13}


My Dearest Love,
The roses have bloomed beautifully. I feared that I had pruned them back too far but seeing them in their full glory is proof that I was wrong. Isn’t it so amusing how we can take action with full confidence but in the waiting time witness that confidence wilt away?
Your Dearest Heart
—- —- —- —– —–
My Dearest Heart,
Your beauty appears in all that you touch. Every ounce of care, every moment of attention, shows through. I visited the shore to watch the sunset. In that moment, when the sun dives into the water to swim towards tomorrow, all I could think about was you.
Your Dearest Love

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Letters {Number 6}


My Dearest Love,
Do you ever wonder what it is that keeps people afloat? How is it that in times of distress or despair they remain buoyant?
The girls have been adamant about things remaining just as they have always been. I keep telling them that certainly things will change. They have to. Don’t you agree?
I so miss our conversations.
your dearest heart
—- —– —– —-
My Dearest Heart,
It is a pain not unlike that of a physical injury. The thought if you not being here is endless, yet I know that if you were here it would cause you great unhappiness.
I was idling at a stop the other day and drifted out into a memory that does not really exist. You and I were talking about all the things we wanted to do and the people we wanted to be.
I hesitate to call it a fantasy, that just seems like accepting a notion as too far fetched to ever be real.
I know that we are real.
your dearest love

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The Confidence that Shines without having to be Polished is the thing that is so Attractive. The Ability to simply be Everything all at once while behaving as if there is nothing Special at all. No extra words or cries for Anyone or Everyone to look your way. You simply are. Confidence. I could talk about “moths to flames” and the Passive attraction for which it is easy to Disown actions. But This, this is not that. This, is Seeing you. This, is Admiring you. This, is Purposeful strides to Enter into your presence, to be Bathed in your light.

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‘New Year, Better You’


*I finally remembered to post the full list of my New Year, Better You tweets with some additional thoughts of course*

  1. Speak up! Contribute your voice to a cause that is important to you and your community.
  2. Remember that your parents are aging. And one day it will be too late to call, write and make time for them.
  3. You simply cannot help/save someone who simply does not want to be helped/saved. Save that energy for YOU!
  4. Regularly do something to show your appreciation for someone.
  5. Make time EACH day for “me” time.
  6. Create a Spend/Save/Balance plan that works for YOU.
  7. Make time each day to write or say aloud something you’re GRATEFUL for.
  8. Unplug for the ones you love. The person in front of you is more important than your phone.
  9. Judge not! EMPATHY should always win.
  10. Get rid of all thoughts that don’t make you feel empowered.
  11. Stop feeling GUILTY for doing what you truly want to do. Guilt is such a wasted emotion.
  12. Let go of the fear of the unknown, regularly try something new/different.
  13. Let go of regrets; at one point in your life, that “whatever” was exactly what you wanted.
  14. Let go of worrying; worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.
  15. Be accountable for your own decisions.
  16. Say Please and Thank you – small acts make a big difference.
  17. Stop thinking everyone is happier/more successful/better off than you. YOUR journey is unfolding perfectly for YOU.
  18. Let go of being the “go-to person” for everyone all the time. Let folks do for themselves sometimes.
  19. Be an active listener – listening speaks volumes.
  20. HONOR your intuition. You know you best so when your ‘little voice’ speaks, don’t be afraid to listen.
  21. Stop bringing your PAST into your PRESENT. It’s time to move on and tell a NEW story.
  22. Ask for help. There is strength in knowing when to say when
  23. When you’re feeling impatient, ADJUST your reaction. If you keep rushing, you might miss “it”.
  24. Stop being angry. Just because it is over doesn’t mean the love was wrong.
  25. Give. Not to get something in return, but to bless.
  26. Make time every day to put energy into at least one of your passions.
  27. Embrace the fact that there are some things you just don’t know, then, learn more.
  28. Your dreams are important; try always to follow your heart.
  29. If you said you would; you really should.
  30. If today is your starting point then Get To It! If it doesn’t work out, take a moment to reflect then, Get To It again!
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Culture Commentary: Your Music Is Too Loud


Almost against my will I have been consumed this week by the trial of Michael David Dunn in the shooting death of unarmed teenager, Jordan Davis. And when I say consumed I mean, keeping tabs on progress, watching the live stream of the trial, having ‘twittersation’ about it … the whole nine yards.

And there is just so much to it: seeing the justice system in action; listening to those not involved provide their opinions; and seeing the lives of the victims, accusers and people they know literally laid out for the world to see – in the form of questions and answers.

If you are unaware of the case you can learn more here but while you’re learning, I’m just going to go ahead and share my thoughts okay? Ok. The facts as we know them are that Dunn fired 10 shots into the car the four boys were in after he got into a verbal spar with one of them because the music was “too loud”.

I am concerned.

I’m concerned that too few people seem interested in what’s happening with this case and its many implications. Like the Zimmerman trial, the defendant is accused of shooting a young Black male because he “felt threatened”.
I’m also concerned that a 45 year old man would not simply move his car or leave the parking lot altogether.
I’m concerned that all too easily the blame has been shifted to the boys in the car and that there is a sense of “they probably deserved it”.

I am dumfounded.

I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that you can simply say you “felt” threatened – by people in a car and you were in your car – and fire, not one or two warning shots, but TEN shots into a vehicle at close range.
I also can’t imagine why not simply more your vehicle if you felt the music was “too loud” – after all, you pulled your vehicle up beside theirs.

I am sad.

Undoubtedly, children can do and say some really outrageous things when they are out of the presence of their caregivers (I have firsthand knowledge as a parent and as a formerly stubborn youngster). That is understandable. But how is it that we have gotten to a point where their childish/immature behavior is being met with oftentimes serious bodily harm and death?
Why are so many parents grieving the loss of their children?

I am aware that race absolutely matters.

No one ever wants to talk about the “r” word. I have mentioned that before and I wholeheartedly believe it. People who are not ‘melanin rich’ will never understand the role that race plays in everyday life, and personally I think it’s ridiculous to even have that expectation. But I do think it is important to have conversation about it.

In this particular case, the situation is simple:
– 4 Black males sitting in a parked truck with tinted windows blasting music
– 1 White male pulls up beside them, becomes agitated by their music, begins a word exchange, ends with firing 10 shots into Jordan Davis’ window

If the situation was reversed and there were 4 white males and 1 Black male ….

Would he have felt emboldened or entitled enough to pull up beside, and then ask them to turn the radio down?
Would he have felt safe enough to ride around with a concealed weapon?
Would he have been able to not even be questioned until the following day?
Would he not have been arrested and charged 3 days after the murder took place?
Would he have been able to put forth Stand Your Ground as a defense? (see Marissa Alexander)

I’m just going to leave this here for now.

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Photo of Jordan Russell Davis
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I have propped up your foolishness long enough,
today there can be no more.
Standing on the sidelines watching you live the life of your dreams while I only dream of fully living life.
Providing for you a foundation strong enough to hold your ego wide enough to cover your lies.

I have propped up your foolishness long enough,
today there can be no more.
Wondering which time will really be the last time or if the next time will happen sooner than you promised.
You said “never again”.
I heard “you shouldn’t be surprised when…”

I have propped up your foolishness long enough,
today there can be no more.
It’s time to deconstruct what was and make room for what is to be.
Though much weathered, the foundation remains strong and will continue to maintain it’s grace.

But rather than prop up your foolishness it will support walls of character desired.
Truth, humility, love, faith, patience, kindness;
Because she deserves all that and more.

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In Fidem


The depth of her faith and expectation shone brightly in the reflection of the tears of her disappointment.

The sentiment often resounds that it is necessary to keep pushing, keep pressing, try and try again.

But what is beautifully simple in theory becomes woefully difficult in practice and so much easier to simply let defeat win.

Thoughts become heaviness, bearing down on the spirit and the soul. Crushing weight seems to have no remedy, no fad diet to make it magically disappear.

Disappointment becomes ever present, lurking about, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. Planting seeds of doubt.

Leaving to bloom beautiful flowers of fear. Growing not as flowers but as evergreens, maintaining an unbearable will to survive.

But even through the fear and disappointment there remains faith. Whether as laughter or tears, there always remains strength, power, faith.

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The Introduction

She’s over there just as cold as ice,
Swathed in a cloak of green as only she could be.
Hints of glimmery gold catch the light in all the right places,
Possessing an appeal to captivate the masses.

There he is.
Is he coming this way?
He’s so smooth and timeless,
Classic, with just a hint of new flavor.

This is it …

Here he is …

“Hi, I’m Jack.”

“Hi, I’m Ginger.”


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*** author’s note: I’m not a lush but I did need a ‘drank’ and then I was inspired 😉 ***