We Lose So Much

“For #NigelShelby, Whom I Did Not Know, But Love”

We are such a sad and fearful people.

We speak words that indicate that we want to be happy, filled with joy, have a peaceful + wonderful life.

But our actions.

Our actions speak much differently and certainly much louder.

Because we are ashamed, we want others to be so as well.

Because we hide our feelings, we want others to do so as well.

Because we do not know how to love – ourselves, not others, we want others to also experience that lack.

We hide behind the status quo.

We hide what others think.

We run from what “they” might say.

Instead of holding them to the light,

Instead of making them a priority

We neglect those who lift us higher

We tuck them to the side, we force them to hide.

And because of our fear,

our lack of understanding,

our lack of care

our hiding

We make those who choose love, light and life … suffer.

Rest In Power young man 🌈💕

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you good (?)

“Check on your strong friend.” This has been on all my timelines the last several days. Initially, it struck me as “YESSS!!” but then it kept niggling at me.

I understand that the sentiment behind it is to get us to check on that friend who is ‘always there when needed’, the one who always seems ‘to have it all together”, that friend who is ‘always ensuring everyone has what they need’ …

But still, somehow, to ME, it seems to negate something or someone. Or maybe it brings to mind just how selective we have become with our humanity, our love and care towards one another. We place people in categories and dole ourselves out to them based on how we perceive them or where they sit on our ‘spectrum of care’. We meter our time and attention and even our words of encouragement.

The sentiment of checking on your “strong friend” is a perfect example though I suppose. Because they look like they have everything under control, we give them less of us. Less encouragement, less help, less time.

So, yes! Check on your “strong” friend, your “regular” friend, your “mediocre” friend, even your “sketchy” friend. We’re all out here trying to make it.


Don’t let anybody devalue/dismiss your thoughts or emotions by telling you to simply ‘pray about it’. Prayer does indeed work BUT we must ALSO take action!

(If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression, mental illness or thoughts of suicide please reach our for help. Call 1-800-273-8255 or find a dedicated therapist at talkspace.com)

Copyright © 2018 Tamika Brown and TheFynePrynt.com