Blue is peaceful. | Purple is calming. | Green is life. | Yellow is energy. | Red is passion. | White is purity. |

But somehow the complexion of my skin calls forward a hatred so deep and complex that history books can’t reach back far enough to truly capture the reasons why.

Their words are thick with despise and although they may sit behind shades and stacks of dollars their eyes cannot lie.

Their tongues frequently tell what lies beneath but the tools of today betray them with little warning. Shots fired in the dark, aiming at no one in particular but murdering souls and spirits at incomparable rates.

Taking away anything resembling power or forward movement and aiming as high as removing even the glimmer of potential for reasons inexplicable to the rational mind.

Your vote … regressing.
Your education … resegregating.
Your home … repossessed.
Your job … relegated to the menial.
Your power … removed.
Your hopes … reincarcerated.
Your life ………… TBD

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Thus Saith


Crusading for good.
All the while doing evil.
Asking for everything.
Giving nothing in return.
Speaking the words that give life.
Acting in ways that cause death.
Wearing the crown of the chosen.
Shedding the mask of the deceiver.
Pretending that all is well.
Wondering why everything is going wrong.

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

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Awaking to the hushed sounds of midnight filling the space of one thousand promises:
“I will love you always”
“I am here for you always”
“I want to share my life with you always”

But as the sounds of morning crest with the horizon the space is filled with one thousand truths:
“Love” is {constantly} changing.
“Here” was subjective {to you}.
“Life” {together} has an end.

Always, is a fantasy.

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There are some moments that are so filled with emotion that no amount of loud or quiet or peace or logic can ever set them free. The feelings that are so real as to nearly take on a life of their own. They wake, un beckoned, steering our thoughts towards a precipice of desire ending at a destruction that all at once leaves us whole, yet, in pieces. These moments are for the living and when not lived, gnaw at our innermost selves as doubt, regret and longing. How peculiar we are to rather choosing longing over losing at the end of a well lived moment.

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Letters {Number 2}


My Dearest Love,
You have sparked a new thing in me. Perhaps new isn’t the best description though. It has always been here but so close to death as to have been forgotten. For so long, curled up and tucked away. How ever did you know? How ever did you recognize?
In Awe,
Your Dearest Heart

My Dearest Heart,
There has not been a day or moment that I have not been a part of you. Living in your hopes, breathing in your desires – I have always been the whisper in your heart letting you know that there is more here for you. For as long as you allow those words – no matter how quietly – I am here.
Your Dearest Love

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