Thus Saith

Crusading for good. All the while doing evil. Asking for everything. Giving nothing in return. Speaking the words that give life. Acting in ways that cause death. Wearing the crown of the chosen. Shedding the mask of the deceiver. Pretending that all is well. Wondering why everything is going wrong. “A double minded man isContinue reading “Thus Saith”


Awaking to the hushed sounds of midnight filling the space of one thousand promises: “I will love you always” “I am here for you always” “I want to share my life with you always” But as the sounds of morning crest with the horizon the space is filled with one thousand truths: “Love” is {constantly}Continue reading “Darkness”

The Edge

When it is turned on it’s side and spilling over rushing towards the edge ready to slide down; it’s warmth speeding forward covering everything in it’s path and pooling effortlessly together, right, before …. it falls. Will you be there? Will you be ready? Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and Image: rokuth

Letters {Number 2}

My Dearest Love, You have sparked a new thing in me. Perhaps new isn’t the best description though. It has always been here but so close to death as to have been forgotten. For so long, curled up and tucked away. How ever did you know? How ever did you recognize? In Awe, Your DearestContinue reading “Letters {Number 2}”

{Recipe} Midnight Snack

a touch of honey for the dripping a bit of chocolate for the sucking a few sweet berries for the nibbling a dabble of whipped cream for the licking a hint of vanilla for the remembering just the right amount of warmth for the complete satisfaction Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and

Letters {Number 33}

My Dearest Love, I do not quite know what to make of these things, these words that are filling up my space. These words that somehow feel as though they are filling me to the brim and draining me dry. Will it always be this way? Always, Your Dearest Heart My Dearest Heart, There areContinue reading “Letters {Number 33}”