sometimes the Brilliance is so bright it Causes momentary Disorientation. the Warmth and Fullness of a smile not easily won but once Obtained, is given over Freely. the nearly imperceptible Hesitation falls away, Becomes nothing more than a Fleeting fancy meant to provide just enough Distraction from your light. it cannot succeed though. you areContinue reading “Being”

Wretched Earth

Wretched earth does not begin that way. It starts out healthy, ready, and willing to give of itself in order to bring forth new life. Enduring time, circumstance and situation in efforts to reach it’s full potential. It knows that without creating and supporting new life that’s it’s own existence is in vain. Seeds areContinue reading “Wretched Earth”

Sometimes. Always.

If all is fair in love and war then we most certainly know who is winning and who is taking the “L”. It goes to the notion that even though you treat me like “sometimes”, you expect that I should treat you like “always”. To justify less than glorious behavior you tell lies and weaveContinue reading “Sometimes. Always.”

Lost & Found

Searched for inspiration. Having found none, moved on. Searched instead for creativity. Which, being evasive, caused distraction. Decided to seek motivation. As perhaps, it was the better place to start. Made great strides. Found great words. Painted beautiful images. Remembered to always begin … at the beginning. Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and Image: