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Her Laugh Broke The Silence

It’s really quite odd when you think about it. The way colors become more intense, the way objects seem sharper, the way people carry more expressions than ever. Life is no longer different shades of grey but instead are reflective of every shade in the rainbow. He has on a dark suit but in this moment you notice that its not just dark but its midnight blue with the faintest pinstripes. She has on a black dress but its more than black, its jet black and the patent on her shoes are brilliantly shiny.

You’re all standing by, sharing the same space of sadness and mourning. You also share the same determined spirit to not really look anyone in the eye or engage in any conversation other than the obligatory head nod or sympathetic smile. And then it happens. She suddenly walks in and begins at first to simply look about but as she takes a mental inventory of all that are here, her laugh breaks the silence.

She is genuinely laughing and nearly in tears when she utters the words you won’t soon forget: “C’mon guys, it was just a dog. I loved him dearly yes – but he was just a dog”.

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A Stack of Paper a Few Inches From the Shredder

Hmmm, what’s that humming sound? I could swear that it was perfectly quiet in here before I dozed off. Maybe I’m being a bit overdramatic, or have hyperhearing right now. Wouldn’t that be cool if I had a superpower that allowed me to have supersonic hearing? I could get all the information from any source. I could even have a superhero name like UberStack or something cool like that. But I would also have to try to obtain some other powers because, how would I get araound? I just sit here all day in this box and nothing happens. Sure a few new pieces show up from time to time but they always seem so sad and sullen — its like they know something that I don’t. It’s weird really.

(Moments Pass)

Now wht was I thinking about super powers?? Oh right, that strange humming, buzzing sound. I think its getting louder. Or maybe my superhearing is kicking in…. No, its definitley getting louder. And, hey what happened to C stack it was just over there. Wait – and B stack? What is going on here? Oh, I’m being moved up to a higher shelf this is awesome – I’ll really hear some good stuff now!

What. Is. That???? Ohhhhhhh what is happening to to the rest of my stackmates? What is that shrill sound? Why is it getting faster? Why am I getting closer to it? Why am I being picked up and handled this way? WHY is that noise SOOO loud? WHAT are those things whirring inside that box? W    a    i    t   N   oo      o      o      o   o

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7 Worst Things

The Prompt: List the 7 Worst Things To Say To A Person Who Just Got Dumped

7. It’ll be okay. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.

6. Oh honey – he didn’t deserve you anyway.

5. He’ll never find anyone as great as you.

4. He’ll be sorry tomorrow.

3. What does he know anyway; you didn’t put on that much weight.

2. Dude – it’s not like you were the only guy she was seeing.

1. You wanna go work out? …. No I don’t mean anything by that. I just thought it might make you feel better.