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Her Laugh Broke The Silence

It’s really quite odd when you think about it. The way colors become more intense, the way objects seem sharper, the way people carry more expressions than ever. Life is no longer different shades of grey but instead are reflective of every shade in the rainbow. He has on a dark suit but in this moment you notice that its not just dark but its midnight blue with the faintest pinstripes. She has on a black dress but its more than black, its jet black and the patent on her shoes are brilliantly shiny.

You’re all standing by, sharing the same space of sadness and mourning. You also share the same determined spirit to not really look anyone in the eye or engage in any conversation other than the obligatory head nod or sympathetic smile. And then it happens. She suddenly walks in and begins at first to simply look about but as she takes a mental inventory of all that are here, her laugh breaks the silence.

She is genuinely laughing and nearly in tears when she utters the words you won’t soon forget: “C’mon guys, it was just a dog. I loved him dearly yes – but he was just a dog”.