It is struggling to make a move, to escape the walls that have kept it confined for so long.
So many denials acting as conduits for unexpressed pain and grief.
The battles always seem more than too much to bear …
Closed doors, glass ceilings, gossip girls and fake pearls all lined up in a row.
The judging feels endless, relentlessly plucking away at every fiber.
Character, quality, content, can-do attitude rarely, if ever, make the final cut.
But she keeps pushing.
He keeps pressing.
Fighting back against everything fighting to hold it down.
Until finally … confidence, again breaks free.

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Although she had no memory of having done so, she was certain that a decision had been made. She remained as still as she could possibly be, hoping that her stillness would bring everything back into focus. But the longer she sat there, the more time seemed to halt, offering no glimpse of change.
She had a sense that there were things or people all around her in various stages of motion but her mind simply would not allow her to process the scene.
Was that a child zipping around?
Whose phone was that and why weren’t they answering?
Was there someone speaking loudly in a very one-sided conversation?
What is that on the walls? Fake photos of fake scenery?
And what was that smell?!!

Oh dear lord! How long have I been sitting in this waiting room?!!

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Letters {Number 22}


My Dearest Love,
A strange thing happened. I was walking along the tree path, you know, the one that is beautiful and overwhelming and frightening and beautiful again? I was walking and there were butterflies fluttering in a group that was larger than any I had ever seen. As I walked closer, to get a better look, they immediately dispersed. In that moment I became filled with sadness and dismay. How is it possible to witness such beauty without you by my side?
Your Dearest Heart
— — — — — — —
My Dearest Heart,
People always make mention that “time flies when you’re having fun”. But there’s never a mention of what time does when you’re “longing”, when you can’t imagine having to spend even one more minute away from the place you would really rather be. Can time stand still?
It feels like it.
Your Dearest Love

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Culture Commentary: Oh, You Mad?


Every time a Person of Color (POC) has to swallow yet another blatant injustice, it becomes more and more difficult. The anger and rage continue to fight against one’s individual peace. Even for that one POC in your life that you feel you know very well and you consider a friend; that person you can’t imagine ever being angry; Yes, her too.

It is a difficult circumstance to describe. It is truly peculiar to live a life that others try to summarize based on ‘cover’ rather than ‘content’. Many have and continue to try to articulate it in a way that resonates beyond our own voice.

Books like “Why Black People Tend To Shout”, a more recent article of a similar title, “Why Black Folks Tend To Shout” and works by James Baldwin … to name a very, very, few.

So, in absence of explicit explanation, I will provide examples instead. Ok? Ok.

For every instance when a woman pulls her purse close when you walk by – in a store where you’re both shopping …
For every instance when he’s told in a surprising tone: “oh you speak so well” …
For every instance when a woman says “do you work here?” even though there are 3 people who are also in her line of vision, actually wearing a uniform …
For every unsavory “inside” “joke” that is told in your presence at the office because “oh, she’s cool” …
For those moments when those same coworkers see you out in public and clearly pretend like they don’t so they won’t have to acknowledge you in front of their friends/family …
For every promotion that goes to someone less qualified …
For every time “they” sound genuinely surprised that your child is well dressed and well behaved …
For every son who gets “stopped & frisked” because he’s “walking while Black” …
For every daughter who has to speak on behalf of the entire race when she’s asked about her hair …
For every person who says: “why can’t we have a white history month?” …
For every person who says: “if we had a ‘White Girls Rock’ Black people would be screaming racism” … {ref. Black Girls Rock/Black Girls Rock}
For every major news outlet that granted an interview to an admitted murderer of an unarmed Black teen and went free …
For every state representative who sees nothing wrong at all with the Confederate flag and what it stands for …

This list is a very brief example but all these are real things.

And even after every injustice, whether purposeful or byproduct of other things – there is a spirit that still calls for peace. There is still a fight towards justice for all. There is still forgiveness. But also in that, these can never be forgotten.

They burrow deeply into the dreams of better days ahead. They hibernate in notions of moving beyond easy assumptions and stereotypes. They remain still and quiet and are such a part of everyday life that they cohabitate seamlessly with the business of each day. Until …

Until that last injustice becomes the last injustice; Until the words of peace and justice for all become too bitter to speak; Until the tears cease to flow because so many have come before; Until, the rage bubbles up and over out of its containment because the burdens of peace and respectability have become too much to continue to bear…

There is a rage that although there is no visible flame, its coals are burning hotter and hotter still.

For Marissa Alexander
For Jordan Davis
For Renisha McBride
For Jonathan Ferrell
For Oscar Grant
For Kendrick Johnson
For Michael Giles
For Miriam Carey
For you
For me
For us

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It is crucial that You get here right now as the situation cannot be contained, managed or dealt with until you are on site.

On sight I will let you know all the details but for now you should just be on your way, stopping for nothing and essentially dropping everything.

Every thing that has contributed to this issue, that has gotten us to where we are today must be addressed.There is no more time for excuses nor other words of delay.

It is crucial that You get here right away because you are the only one who can fix this problem.

Your lips are the only ones to kiss …
Your hands are the only ones that caress …
Your words are the only ones that move …
Your eyes are the only ones that devour …




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You Rock My World


So we’re 48 days into the year and I’m doing pretty good if I do so say so myself – and of course, I do.

A whopping 35 posts! Yay me!!! Who knows??? This discipline thing might be catching on … maybe.

But that’s not really what this post is about. This post is about you. That’s right, you and your wonderful self!

For reading, for sharing, for commenting – I appreciate every moment that you could be doing something else but you share with me.

Right now my posts have no rhyme or reason. I write whatever happens to pop into my mind or whatever has some sort of impact on my spirit. I don’t overthink {huge step for me}, I don’t really edit or plan – I just write.

This may change as time goes by but for now this ride is pure word impulse and thought outburst.

So, all that to say … Thank you ever so much for being with me!

You rock my world …. you truly do ☺️