It is struggling to make a move, to escape the walls that have kept it confined for so long. So many denials acting as conduits for unexpressed pain and grief. The battles always seem more than too much to bear … Closed doors, glass ceilings, gossip girls and fake pearls all lined up in aContinue reading “{Untitled}”

Letters {Number 22}

My Dearest Love, A strange thing happened. I was walking along the tree path, you know, the one that is beautiful and overwhelming and frightening and beautiful again? I was walking and there were butterflies fluttering in a group that was larger than any I had ever seen. As I walked closer, to get aContinue reading “Letters {Number 22}”

Culture Commentary: Oh, You Mad?

Every time a Person of Color (POC) has to swallow yet another blatant injustice, it becomes more and more difficult. The anger and rage continue to fight against one’s individual peace. Even for that one POC in your life that you feel you know very well and you consider a friend; that person you can’tContinue reading “Culture Commentary: Oh, You Mad?”


It is crucial that You get here right now as the situation cannot be contained, managed or dealt with until you are on site. On sight I will let you know all the details but for now you should just be on your way, stopping for nothing and essentially dropping everything. Every thing that hasContinue reading “Post-haste”

July 16, 2013

The Verdict has been read. We’ve been angry. We’ve been sad. We’ve been inundated with images of “post-racial” America that really aren’t so pleasing to the eye or the spirit. And perhaps more importantly we’ve been left with the question of “What Now?” And to this question, provided numerous answers – but the most viableContinue reading “July 16, 2013”

Your Words

Your words drop down like pure decadence, landing on my lobes like rain on petals. Driving me towards distraction as they mingle in my mind. Lulling me toward the edge of reason. Pushing me into the depths of desire. Your words drop down like all the weight of the world on that frustrated woman’s shoulders.Continue reading “Your Words”