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On Loss

many of us would rather skip mourning.

Mourn it. Bless it. Release it.

it is emotional labor that we would rather not do because it forces us to sit with our sadness until we are able to articulate it. whether it is job loss, relationship loss or the loss of a loved one we must learn to grieve the absence. grief, when confronted, has the power to help us grow.

in the moment though, the sadness can feel as though it is invading your every thought, your very being. but there is a point at which you are able to name it and that is important.

it is important because once you’re able to say “i’m sad because i mourn the loss of ______” you can begin to heal. you can celebrate the blessing of the thing/person that once brought you joy. celebrate the experiences. celebrate all the highlights. celebrate all the wins. celebrate the love.

then, you can release it.

let go of that which no longer serves your joy, your growth, your peace.

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Inspired by a conversation with a dear friend.