Letters {Number 40}

My Dearest Love, Recently I found myself absentmindedly sitting and listening to ticking of the clock. Its steady pace and lulling rhythm make it so easy to forget what is actually happening. Each tick, each tock build up and up and up until they explode into eternity; etched in forever. Patiently, Your Dearest Heart —-Continue reading “Letters {Number 40}”

When They Reminisce Over You

As we dress it up, add color, remove stains; the past takes on a peculiar beauty. It is still as the eye of the beholder would see it but if shown to others it would not be recognized as actuality. Perhaps this is what is happening to YOU, about me. I AM me today. AndContinue reading “When They Reminisce Over You”

The Daily

It’s so impressive how busy-ness can so swiftly and succinctly take you off course. After a “busy” week I’ve realized that four days have passed without a single post! {the horror!} And it’s not just that I haven’t posted but I only *finished* two creative “thoughts” in seven days! It’s interesting to undertake this personalContinue reading “The Daily”


To what depths can love carry you on the expanse of it’s wings? Beyond the shallows of lust? Sinking past the midlevels of like? Rushing towards the ocean floor only to find that it goes deeper still? Sailing to the ends of the earth in celebration of an indescribable feeling then back again at it’sContinue reading “Oceans”


This moment is for living. Be engulfed by its warmth, it’s brilliance. It’s magic and singularity will never come again. Be windswept and audacious, be awestruck and be kind. Make music and cause laughter, make love and be divine. Ask questions and never settle, be inspired and be an inspiration. Learn when silence is goldenContinue reading “Be”

How We Gon’ Get Free

Chained bodies Shackled minds Truths told Lies accepted Devastation wrought Both then, And now. Systems designed Oppression in mind Flight is necessary Traveling papers are costly Many aspire Few obtain More are caught up Engulfed by power unseen. In circumstance Trapped Stolen Herded Stripped Caged Stripped once more But this time of more than clothes.Continue reading “How We Gon’ Get Free”

Letters {Number 3}

My Dearest Love, Certainly it has been ages since last we embraced; since last we spoke a thousand words without ever parting our lips. I could never have imagined someone having such power to move me that when we are apart I feel as though I’m perpetually standing still. Ever, Your Dearest Heart —- —-Continue reading “Letters {Number 3}”

Culture Commentary: A Man or A Message?

I was listening to the radio recently and there was a conversation about the church ideologically versus the church functionally. This, along with numerous other conversations, articles and general “happenings” have brought me once again to the subject of “the church”. The early disclaimer that I will insert here is this: I have been inContinue reading “Culture Commentary: A Man or A Message?”