handle with care

Choosing to love Having love choose you Perfectly imperfect Always moving Always changing Always growing Evolving or devolving Handle with care   Even if not by choice Even if not given in the way we anticipate If not received in ways that we hoped If not shared If not multiplied Handle with care   TheContinue reading “handle with care”


she toiled  she labored she was snatched from her home land she was torn from her children,  and they, away from she she was stolen from her own body, dispossessed as nonchalantly as you please she birthed she buried she grew angry she grew weary she fought  she {somehow} held fast she prayed she criedContinue reading “never.the.less”

… gone

what is it with this thing this thing between you and me this thing that keeps growing  keeps changing devolving  deescalating driving rivers and driving wedges  firmly between our shores caught within the clasp of a million minutes past bringing it up sinking us down leaving not even enough room for light much less loveContinue reading “… gone”