The Edge

When it is turned on it’s side and spilling over rushing towards the edge ready to slide down; it’s warmth speeding forward covering everything in it’s path and pooling effortlessly together, right, before …. it falls. Will you be there? Will you be ready? Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and Image: rokuth

{Recipe} Midnight Snack

a touch of honey for the dripping a bit of chocolate for the sucking a few sweet berries for the nibbling a dabble of whipped cream for the licking a hint of vanilla for the remembering just the right amount of warmth for the complete satisfaction Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and


How can we continue to let time create this space that is defining us and aging us, chipping apart the timelessness of what we both felt we had found that day? What has happened to the restlessness of those two spirits once lost, colliding into one another and praising the moment at which they hadContinue reading “Questioning?”