You have escaped my grasp far more times than I ever thought I could get so close to possessing you. You have become the story I tell myself on lonely nights and endless days. An indelible part of my life that somehow I crave and despise all at once. It seems so unlikely that I would have fallen for your lines. Yet, there you are crashing through my dreams and here I am wishing hoping wanting lusting begging working struggling to make you mine. Doing whatever I can manage in order to ensnare you. But perhaps that is the problem really. Striving to take possession of a thing that is meant only to be held briefly, let go, and chased once more — ultimately leads to trouble.

And so, again, I am chasing after you.

Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and

Photo: DesktopNexus

Published by The Fyne Prynt

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