I wanted it to be you and you alone.

Your gaze, your ways, of saying all the right things at the right times.
Your sense of self that somehow made me feel myself; embrace me for all that I have been, will be, am now.
Your touch was unmatched even from day to day; when I thought that there would never be anything so good and certainly nothing better.
But then, tomorrow came and your hands would prove me wrong … again.
Trailing along journeys of love, of lust, of desire, of time.

I wanted it to be you and you alone.

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Letters {Number 2}


My Dearest Love,
You have sparked a new thing in me. Perhaps new isn’t the best description though. It has always been here but so close to death as to have been forgotten. For so long, curled up and tucked away. How ever did you know? How ever did you recognize?
In Awe,
Your Dearest Heart

My Dearest Heart,
There has not been a day or moment that I have not been a part of you. Living in your hopes, breathing in your desires – I have always been the whisper in your heart letting you know that there is more here for you. For as long as you allow those words – no matter how quietly – I am here.
Your Dearest Love

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To what depths can love carry you on the expanse of it’s wings? Beyond the shallows of lust? Sinking past the midlevels of like? Rushing towards the ocean floor only to find that it goes deeper still?

Sailing to the ends of the earth in celebration of an indescribable feeling then back again at it’s inevitable demise. Trading that trip though for nothing that can bought or sold.

The end of love is the beginning of a new life, a new set of wings awaiting their first flight. Ready to venture to the depths that only love knows.

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You have escaped my grasp far more times than I ever thought I could get so close to possessing you. You have become the story I tell myself on lonely nights and endless days. An indelible part of my life that somehow I crave and despise all at once. It seems so unlikely that I would have fallen for your lines. Yet, there you are crashing through my dreams and here I am wishing hoping wanting lusting begging working struggling to make you mine. Doing whatever I can manage in order to ensnare you. But perhaps that is the problem really. Striving to take possession of a thing that is meant only to be held briefly, let go, and chased once more — ultimately leads to trouble.

And so, again, I am chasing after you.

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It is crucial that You get here right now as the situation cannot be contained, managed or dealt with until you are on site.

On sight I will let you know all the details but for now you should just be on your way, stopping for nothing and essentially dropping everything.

Every thing that has contributed to this issue, that has gotten us to where we are today must be addressed.There is no more time for excuses nor other words of delay.

It is crucial that You get here right away because you are the only one who can fix this problem.

Your lips are the only ones to kiss …
Your hands are the only ones that caress …
Your words are the only ones that move …
Your eyes are the only ones that devour …




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