Letters {Number 2}

My Dearest Love, You have sparked a new thing in me. Perhaps new isn’t the best description though. It has always been here but so close to death as to have been forgotten. For so long, curled up and tucked away. How ever did you know? How ever did you recognize? In Awe, Your DearestContinue reading “Letters {Number 2}”


To what depths can love carry you on the expanse of it’s wings? Beyond the shallows of lust? Sinking past the midlevels of like? Rushing towards the ocean floor only to find that it goes deeper still? Sailing to the ends of the earth in celebration of an indescribable feeling then back again at it’sContinue reading “Oceans”


It is crucial that You get here right now as the situation cannot be contained, managed or dealt with until you are on site. On sight I will let you know all the details but for now you should just be on your way, stopping for nothing and essentially dropping everything. Every thing that hasContinue reading “Post-haste”

Happy Ending

Wrapped up in a situation that all at once begs to be done and undone, calling on you to make the very best of a bad situation, turning the darkest moments into the brightest hours. But it is not real. It is “fauxed” out, draped in dressing gowns of exquisite fabrics of every imaginable hue.Continue reading “Happy Ending”