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The Mythology of Modesty

Society says
button up all the way to the top
that dress should be below your knee
tuck those curves away
wearing red lipstick is for loose women
fishnet panty hose are for whores (or husbands)
zip our lips if we want to be chosen
push our personality down so as not to offend

We have been convinced that modesty will save us
That is the power of the Mythology of Modesty

The Mythology of Modesty tells women that if we cover up, we will be safe
It says that if we are meek and mild and modest
Our lovers will not force themselves upon us
Our bosses will not pass us by for promotion
It says that if we just dress differently
A stranger on the street won’t catcall us on our way home
Our partners will not forsake us for another
It has convinced us that if we would just act differently or put on pants instead, a stranger would not accost us and claim what is ours as his own

From church pews to classrooms to boardrooms
She who shows herself –
her mind,
her heart,
her body

is viewed as less than

No matter
the depth of her knowledge,
the fullness of her love
the magnificence of her body

Until her Blackness is revered
Until her brilliance is celebrated
Until her very existence matters
Until she is held in high regard
Until she is protected as a national treasure
Until she is viewed as whole

Modesty will not save her.
And it will not save you.

BlackMagicWoman #InHerOwnWords

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