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If you were my lover
I would wine and dine you,
Give you every little thing your heart desired.

If you were my friend
I would listen to your every word,
And be there for you at any time without question.

If you were my confessor
I would tell you every misdeed
Provide the smallest detail so that you would truly know.

If you were my boss
I would show up on time every day,
There would be no doubt of my commitment.

If you were my family
I would love you unconditionally,
Even in those times I want nothing more than to disown.

But you are none of these things,
You are wild and wayward and submissive to none but your own self.

I lay in bed waiting on you to come,
To woo me, to surround me, to take me under.

But alas dear sleep, you do as you wish and leave the consequences behind,
Swimming in the bottom of a coffee cup.

Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and

Image: SlowTrav

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Although she had no memory of having done so, she was certain that a decision had been made. She remained as still as she could possibly be, hoping that her stillness would bring everything back into focus. But the longer she sat there, the more time seemed to halt, offering no glimpse of change.
She had a sense that there were things or people all around her in various stages of motion but her mind simply would not allow her to process the scene.
Was that a child zipping around?
Whose phone was that and why weren’t they answering?
Was there someone speaking loudly in a very one-sided conversation?
What is that on the walls? Fake photos of fake scenery?
And what was that smell?!!

Oh dear lord! How long have I been sitting in this waiting room?!!

Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and.

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The Introduction

She’s over there just as cold as ice,
Swathed in a cloak of green as only she could be.
Hints of glimmery gold catch the light in all the right places,
Possessing an appeal to captivate the masses.

There he is.
Is he coming this way?
He’s so smooth and timeless,
Classic, with just a hint of new flavor.

This is it …

Here he is …

“Hi, I’m Jack.”

“Hi, I’m Ginger.”


Copyright 2014 © Tamika Brown and

Photo: @thafyneprynt

*** author’s note: I’m not a lush but I did need a ‘drank’ and then I was inspired 😉 ***

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do … Or Is It?


Dear You,
That was not an awkward pause, but indeed, a hard stop. Please govern yourself accordingly.
Over it,
— — —- —- —–
Dear you,
I wanted to apologize for lying. You were right, it wasn’t me. It was you.
—- —– —— —-
So, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if we were no longer together?
—- —- —- —- —-
Dear you,
As it turns out, I was just drunk. Not in love.
—- —- —- —- —-
Dear you,
Maybe this Valentines Day we could try something different. Perhaps I could spend it with someone I like and you can do, well, whatever.
—- —- —- —- —-
Oh my gooosshh! I love that movie! Me and Derek saw it last weekend! … Huh?
Who’s Derek? Well, about that ….

Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and

Photo: xomeblog

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How To Start Your Day .. In A Slump


1. Go to bed ridiculously early the night before

2. While having a midnight sip of water, spill it in your bed

3. Go back to sleep trying to avoid the wet spot

4. Turn the alarm off AND “accidentally” throw the phone on the floor

5. Oversleep

6. Lose all fashion sense and become unable to create an outfit for the day

7. Once an outfit is selected, ironed and on your body …. find an unhide-able stain

8. Regroup, go forth, can’t find keys – can’t find glasses – can’t find swipe card – you know, the usual

9. Off you go, out to conquer the world!!!

And oh, it’s Monday for your child too sooooo you might want to wake him up and get him ready because he has places to be too 😉

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Note To Self


“Note to self {NTS}” I find that I use that notion a lot. Typically when I am drifting out of focus and making something about me that really isn’t.

For instance sitting in a meeting discussing {again} the logistics of some project or idea. The speaker may something about “thinking outside the box” – which as everybody knows is the universal trigger to mentally check out because you’ve been collectively getting out of this box for many months now. But I digress.

So that happens and I make a NTS about buying new shoe boxes. But the notes are rarely anything encouraging, inspiring or uplifting – just more crap to do.

So I was thinking why not a beautiful NTS {lord knows i might be waiting forever on somebody else to write it but i’ll save that lil bit for another time}. Anyway, what would I write to myself as a beautiful love letter, an inspired Note To Self?

Here goes:
Dear Tamika, your ability to allow people the space to be themselves truly astounds. You provide comfort simply by being present. Your thoughts make me wander and wonder. You make me want to take my time to get to know you better, stretching our moments into hours, our hours into days, our days into a lifetime.
PS those candied pecans and red velvet cookies you make are everything! i would be ok getting fat with you

So that’s mine. What’s your inspired Note To Self?