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If you were my lover
I would wine and dine you,
Give you every little thing your heart desired.

If you were my friend
I would listen to your every word,
And be there for you at any time without question.

If you were my confessor
I would tell you every misdeed
Provide the smallest detail so that you would truly know.

If you were my boss
I would show up on time every day,
There would be no doubt of my commitment.

If you were my family
I would love you unconditionally,
Even in those times I want nothing more than to disown.

But you are none of these things,
You are wild and wayward and submissive to none but your own self.

I lay in bed waiting on you to come,
To woo me, to surround me, to take me under.

But alas dear sleep, you do as you wish and leave the consequences behind,
Swimming in the bottom of a coffee cup.

Copyright © 2014 Tamika Brown and

Image: SlowTrav


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