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In Fidem


The depth of her faith and expectation shone brightly in the reflection of the tears of her disappointment.

The sentiment often resounds that it is necessary to keep pushing, keep pressing, try and try again.

But what is beautifully simple in theory becomes woefully difficult in practice and so much easier to simply let defeat win.

Thoughts become heaviness, bearing down on the spirit and the soul. Crushing weight seems to have no remedy, no fad diet to make it magically disappear.

Disappointment becomes ever present, lurking about, waiting for that perfect moment to strike. Planting seeds of doubt.

Leaving to bloom beautiful flowers of fear. Growing not as flowers but as evergreens, maintaining an unbearable will to survive.

But even through the fear and disappointment there remains faith. Whether as laughter or tears, there always remains strength, power, faith.

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