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Culture Commentary


Ok. So I was really trying to un-see this tweet from last week but the more I tried to not think about it, the more I thought about it.

I’m hoping with all my heart that this person {late teens, female, non-POC} was just trying to get a rise or response or just acting out of boredom.

I’m hoping.

Since that post I’ve seen many, many other things that have given me pause and made me scratch my head a bit. I know that like religion, we should never ever ever ever bring up race in a discussion. It’s a “bad” word, right up there with the best swear words.

However, I remain troubled. From Madonna hashtagging a picture of her son using the N word, to some of the rather disgusting comments about Richard Sherman after the NFC Championship game because of his behavior, it seems like more than ever we NEED to talk about race.

I don’t pretend to be so naive as to think that this society will ever be kumbyah. Ever. But there are SO many stops on the journey prior to that place: knowledge sharing, conversation, question asking, understanding and respect to name a few.

Racism and other race issues are not simply a problem for POC but for ALL of us. If we never discuss it, then how do we move past it? If we never teach racial or social justice, how will people know to make a different or better choice before purposely harming someone {physically, emotionally, psychologically}.

Because as this young lady reminded; like so many learned behaviors, the act of racism is indeed a choice.

So let’s start by making some better choices. Even if no one knows but us that we made it, every better choice is a better choice.

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If pride goes before the fall, what then, before the pride?
Did too many say too much?
Did the words meant only to lift, cause soaring flight instead?
Was vanity a better bargain than the full cost of staying true?
Did the warmth of the spotlight cool the desire for authenticity?

If pride goes before the fall, what then, before the pride?
Resonating, drowning out reason


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{in honor of those who have fought and continue to fight the good fight}

Boots on your feet
Boots on my neck
Oppressing my soul
Strangling my spirit
Forcing me to choke on words of freedom

‘Soon I will be done’ with the troubles of this world
Not because you so desperately want me to depart it
But because I choose to hold on and provide solace for my soul, encouragement for my spirit

No greater power can be possessed as having control
Of your own body
Your own mind
Your own self

Boots on your feet
Boots on my neck

But the POWER remains in me

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You’re It


I found you.
You found me.
Of course we promised for ever.

I found you.
You found me.
Of course we promised our love.

I found you.
You found me.
Our words hung in the air like birds gliding.

I found you.
You found me.
We made music.
We danced.

I found you.
You found me.
The bliss was unlike any other.
We wondered if it could possibly be.

I found you.
You found me.
But not in the the same space.
But not at the same time.

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What’s Past Is Prologue


“What’s past is prologue”, Shakespeare penned these words in “The Tempest” and what an amazingly complex simplicity.

{And before I travel too far down this thought, no, I have not read nor seen the play. But I love these words. So surely that counts almost as much don’t you think? Yes? I knew you would.}

How often when reading a book do you skip the prologue and jump directly to chapter one? For me, until quite recently, it was all the time. Then I picked up a book and did something unusual for me and I read the prologue. When I finished the book I knew I would never have reached the resolution the author designed had I not read that prologue.

So what, right?

Isn’t it so true that in life we are allowed quickie views into the future if only we are present now? If we would take a moment and really consider the things that are happening around us and to us? But we’re so busy getting to the next place or making the next decision that we simply miss those small cues that could make the biggest differences.

And of course not every past action is an indicator of our life story will ultimately unfold. But every lesson we can learn from our before could help us get to a better, more fulfilling after.

“What’s past is prologue” …. How will your story unfold?

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How To Start Your Day .. In A Slump


1. Go to bed ridiculously early the night before

2. While having a midnight sip of water, spill it in your bed

3. Go back to sleep trying to avoid the wet spot

4. Turn the alarm off AND “accidentally” throw the phone on the floor

5. Oversleep

6. Lose all fashion sense and become unable to create an outfit for the day

7. Once an outfit is selected, ironed and on your body …. find an unhide-able stain

8. Regroup, go forth, can’t find keys – can’t find glasses – can’t find swipe card – you know, the usual

9. Off you go, out to conquer the world!!!

And oh, it’s Monday for your child too sooooo you might want to wake him up and get him ready because he has places to be too 😉

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There Is No More Room For Broken Things


What is it about our nature that causes us to hold on to things long after they have outlived their usefulness? We become almost obsessed with keeping things around even when they are if no benefit. It’s almost as though we fear becoming “less” when we let go of things.

And you know I’m not making that up – I mean there are unscripted/”reality” shows all about our inability to simply clean up and get rid of things. And I am NOT making light of those who are truly incapacitated by separation, I’m talking about the rest of us.

We fill our closets with gadgets that don’t work, our garages with furniture that can’t be used, our minds with thoughts that don’t lift us higher and yes, with people who don’t push us forward. And most commonly with people/things that hold us back.

And the way that life happens it’s as if the more we attempt to be completely convicted by our decision to get rid of stuff/people they become like X-Men! And not just any of the X-Men, nooo, like Mystique – really one the baddest of them all! They take on a quality of superhuman proportion many times more determined to STAY than we are to LET GO.

Are we afraid of failure or loneliness? Do we think people will view us strangely if clean out our closets/FB lists/contact lists/minds? Are we afraid of finding out what we’re really made of?

Of course I don’t have the answer {because that’s not what I do here} but I do know that I have no more room for broken things.

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Wrap me up in the softness of your spirit, the kindness of your soul;
Entangle me endlessly in the fibers of your very being.
Paint a picture that only I can see because you have created those colors for none but me.
Others will gaze upon it I am sure but for them it will be something altogether different.
From one sentence to the next, one chapter to another,
Your warmth knows no bounds, your coolness no limits
Wrap me up in the softness of your spirit, the kindness of your soul
Wrap me up forever in you.

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Note To Self


“Note to self {NTS}” I find that I use that notion a lot. Typically when I am drifting out of focus and making something about me that really isn’t.

For instance sitting in a meeting discussing {again} the logistics of some project or idea. The speaker may something about “thinking outside the box” – which as everybody knows is the universal trigger to mentally check out because you’ve been collectively getting out of this box for many months now. But I digress.

So that happens and I make a NTS about buying new shoe boxes. But the notes are rarely anything encouraging, inspiring or uplifting – just more crap to do.

So I was thinking why not a beautiful NTS {lord knows i might be waiting forever on somebody else to write it but i’ll save that lil bit for another time}. Anyway, what would I write to myself as a beautiful love letter, an inspired Note To Self?

Here goes:
Dear Tamika, your ability to allow people the space to be themselves truly astounds. You provide comfort simply by being present. Your thoughts make me wander and wonder. You make me want to take my time to get to know you better, stretching our moments into hours, our hours into days, our days into a lifetime.
PS those candied pecans and red velvet cookies you make are everything! i would be ok getting fat with you

So that’s mine. What’s your inspired Note To Self?