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What’s Past Is Prologue


“What’s past is prologue”, Shakespeare penned these words in “The Tempest” and what an amazingly complex simplicity.

{And before I travel too far down this thought, no, I have not read nor seen the play. But I love these words. So surely that counts almost as much don’t you think? Yes? I knew you would.}

How often when reading a book do you skip the prologue and jump directly to chapter one? For me, until quite recently, it was all the time. Then I picked up a book and did something unusual for me and I read the prologue. When I finished the book I knew I would never have reached the resolution the author designed had I not read that prologue.

So what, right?

Isn’t it so true that in life we are allowed quickie views into the future if only we are present now? If we would take a moment and really consider the things that are happening around us and to us? But we’re so busy getting to the next place or making the next decision that we simply miss those small cues that could make the biggest differences.

And of course not every past action is an indicator of our life story will ultimately unfold. But every lesson we can learn from our before could help us get to a better, more fulfilling after.

“What’s past is prologue” …. How will your story unfold?


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