Letters {Number 13}

My Dearest Love, The roses have bloomed beautifully. I feared that I had pruned them back too far but seeing them in their full glory is proof that I was wrong. Isn’t it so amusing how we can take action with full confidence but in the waiting time witness that confidence wilt away? Ever, YourContinue reading “Letters {Number 13}”

Letters {Number 6}

My Dearest Love, Do you ever wonder what it is that keeps people afloat? How is it that in times of distress or despair they remain buoyant? The girls have been adamant about things remaining just as they have always been. I keep telling them that certainly things will change. They have to. Don’t youContinue reading “Letters {Number 6}”

Culture Commentary: Your Music Is Too Loud

Almost against my will I have been consumed this week by the trial of Michael David Dunn in the shooting death of unarmed teenager, Jordan Davis. And when I say consumed I mean, keeping tabs on progress, watching the live stream of the trial, having ‘twittersation’ about it … the whole nine yards. And thereContinue reading “Culture Commentary: Your Music Is Too Loud”

Happy Ending

Wrapped up in a situation that all at once begs to be done and undone, calling on you to make the very best of a bad situation, turning the darkest moments into the brightest hours. But it is not real. It is “fauxed” out, draped in dressing gowns of exquisite fabrics of every imaginable hue.Continue reading “Happy Ending”

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do … Or Is It?

Dear You, That was not an awkward pause, but indeed, a hard stop. Please govern yourself accordingly. Over it, Me — — —- —- —– Dear you, I wanted to apologize for lying. You were right, it wasn’t me. It was you. Done, Me —- —– —— —- So, I was thinking, wouldn’t it beContinue reading “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do … Or Is It?”