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On Loss

many of us would rather skip mourning.

Mourn it. Bless it. Release it.

it is emotional labor that we would rather not do because it forces us to sit with our sadness until we are able to articulate it. whether it is job loss, relationship loss or the loss of a loved one we must learn to grieve the absence. grief, when confronted, has the power to help us grow.

in the moment though, the sadness can feel as though it is invading your every thought, your very being. but there is a point at which you are able to name it and that is important.

it is important because once you’re able to say “i’m sad because i mourn the loss of ______” you can begin to heal. you can celebrate the blessing of the thing/person that once brought you joy. celebrate the experiences. celebrate all the highlights. celebrate all the wins. celebrate the love.

then, you can release it.

let go of that which no longer serves your joy, your growth, your peace.

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Inspired by a conversation with a dear friend.

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dig in

on most days

quiet consumption

will suffice

on other days

being devoured

with ravenous glee

is the only way to be sated

a look

a caress

a slight smile









in all ways

you are mine

i am yours

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When They Reminisce Over You


As we dress it up, add color, remove stains; the past takes on a peculiar beauty. It is still as the eye of the beholder would see it but if shown to others it would not be recognized as actuality.
Perhaps this is what is happening to YOU, about me.
I AM me today. And although I was me yesterday, and days and years past, it is not the SAME me as today.
Denying a person’s PRESENT truth is perhaps the best way to let them know that you do not care. Thinking of THEN, layering it on NOW for the benefit of your beautiful dream serves good to no one.
Being unwilling to make today ABOUT today is evidence that perhaps the PAST is all that you deserve TODAY.

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You are luxurious and lovely and kind
Magnificent in all your ways.
Filling me with feelings never before known,
Wrapping me in the generosity of your being, the fullness of your spirit.
Making me forget about all that have come before.

You are luxurious and lovely and kind
Magnificent in all your ways.
Traveling the roads of endearment
Venturing deeper into waters of like, lust and desire
Becoming a part of every unfocused thought.

You are luxurious and lovely and kind
Magnificent in all your ways.
And with each passing day and every endless moment
I simply cannot wait for you to move
Out of my dreams
Into this reality.

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Every Time


If every time was like the first time, would it be bitter or sweet? Would it lift you up or knock you down to your knees?

If every time was like the first time, would it be as a dream come true or a nightmare from which you beg to wake?

If every time was like the first time, would it be the beauty or the beast. Would you brag about it to any who would listen or just the very least?

If every time was like the first time would you rush in headlong? Would you hesitate for a moment? Wait for the next song?

If every time was like the first time, would you change it? Perhaps a better story to tell? Make it seem as though it was much more?

But if every time was like the first time, then you might miss the fullness of this time and the next time would likely be the last time.

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These Walls


It is behind these walls that the story unfolds, that the words were shared and the lies unfold.

It is behind these walls where she spent her days, wondering when things would be better, wondering when things would change.

It is behind these walls that good was given, bad was taken and mess left in the wake.

It is behind these walls that the dreams dreamt were forever left behind, smoldering and dying.

It is behind these walls that better days seemed to be an illusion, a far off place, destined for those only by fate chosen.

It is behind these walls he considered from which there was no escape, only hopes to hope and useless words to taste.

It is behind these walls of the mind that bait and trap, set us up and force us to believe, that we will never be more than the smallest of these.

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Culture Commentary


Ok. So I was really trying to un-see this tweet from last week but the more I tried to not think about it, the more I thought about it.

I’m hoping with all my heart that this person {late teens, female, non-POC} was just trying to get a rise or response or just acting out of boredom.

I’m hoping.

Since that post I’ve seen many, many other things that have given me pause and made me scratch my head a bit. I know that like religion, we should never ever ever ever bring up race in a discussion. It’s a “bad” word, right up there with the best swear words.

However, I remain troubled. From Madonna hashtagging a picture of her son using the N word, to some of the rather disgusting comments about Richard Sherman after the NFC Championship game because of his behavior, it seems like more than ever we NEED to talk about race.

I don’t pretend to be so naive as to think that this society will ever be kumbyah. Ever. But there are SO many stops on the journey prior to that place: knowledge sharing, conversation, question asking, understanding and respect to name a few.

Racism and other race issues are not simply a problem for POC but for ALL of us. If we never discuss it, then how do we move past it? If we never teach racial or social justice, how will people know to make a different or better choice before purposely harming someone {physically, emotionally, psychologically}.

Because as this young lady reminded; like so many learned behaviors, the act of racism is indeed a choice.

So let’s start by making some better choices. Even if no one knows but us that we made it, every better choice is a better choice.

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What’s Past Is Prologue


“What’s past is prologue”, Shakespeare penned these words in “The Tempest” and what an amazingly complex simplicity.

{And before I travel too far down this thought, no, I have not read nor seen the play. But I love these words. So surely that counts almost as much don’t you think? Yes? I knew you would.}

How often when reading a book do you skip the prologue and jump directly to chapter one? For me, until quite recently, it was all the time. Then I picked up a book and did something unusual for me and I read the prologue. When I finished the book I knew I would never have reached the resolution the author designed had I not read that prologue.

So what, right?

Isn’t it so true that in life we are allowed quickie views into the future if only we are present now? If we would take a moment and really consider the things that are happening around us and to us? But we’re so busy getting to the next place or making the next decision that we simply miss those small cues that could make the biggest differences.

And of course not every past action is an indicator of our life story will ultimately unfold. But every lesson we can learn from our before could help us get to a better, more fulfilling after.

“What’s past is prologue” …. How will your story unfold?