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This skin requires Courage, Hope, Love.


Isn’t it always so amazing the things we experience each day, each moment? Today would have been the 123rd birthday of acclaimed author Zora Neale Hurston and of all her wonderful words, I was struck most by this quote from How It Feels To Be Colored Me:

“Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It’s beyond me.”

With all the talk of our “post-racial” society the tragedy is truly that too many things are happening to individuals daily based on nothing more than the color of their skin – both “positive” and negative. It is certainly true that not EVERY thing is racial but it is also true that the things that are racial should not be overlooked.

For instance their is jubilant news that SNL has hired it’s first African American female comedienne in 7 years. That’s great but in a post racial society should/would it be news? Is the ascension into one’s passions and attaining one’s dreams so rare for People of Color (POC) and specifically Women of Color (WOC)? Is it generally seen as a supernatural event for POC/WOC to reach this level?

I don’t have the answers and I’ll leave it here for now but in the meantime I salute every person who has the Courage, Hope and Love to truly live in their own skin!

Learn More. Love More.

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People often speak about successful lives as a result of following their passion(s), doing well those one or two things that bring them joy.

I admire that and actually am a bit envious of it. Not because I’m generally the jealous type but because I want to know HOW they arrived there! HOW did they know or recognize it as “the thing”?

I am good-great at a lot of things. That’s not bragging, that’s just the truth. Some of those things result in people saying ” oh you ought to sell that or do that as a business” to which I often reply “nah, I’m not quite that interested in it to be fulfilling orders and whatnot”.

And even while saying those words I’m thinking “well why not? – what ARE you *that* interested in?”

Idk …

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Leaving On A Jet Plane …

For some reason “Leaving On A Jet Plane” was on my mind this morning when I woke up. And by on my mind I of course mean that continuous loop of music that starts playing in your head and won’t stop.

{And in all transparency let me state that the very first song on loop was “Flawless” because of course, ” I woke up like dis”}

But alas, I digress. Perhaps because it’s the beginning of a New Year and there are always so many things we say we’re going to leave behind. So many things {people} we’re going to gather up then send packing.

Wouldn’t it be great if it could BE that simple?!!

But leaving the past behind isn’t really isn’t the way to go I think. The lessons we {hopefully} learn serve as our foundation, boosting us up and pushing us ever closer to our better selves.

So I’m going to go through my “past bags” and instead of sending them away to some place from which they might very well return someday — I’m going to unpack the lessons and get to learning.

Not just onward, but upward!

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“I Don’t Even Know What That Means”

“I don’t even know what that means …” these words I “said” to someone during a textversation that was, admittedly, going nowhere.

He was frustrated + mad.

I was disgusted + appalled.

Together, these things of course meant that he couldn’t hear me and I certainly couldn’t hear him. But let’s face it, how many times have those words been so applicable but remain unsaid — leaving room for all sorts of confusion, disconnection, and generally broken things?

Broken things take up valuable space.

There’s no more room for broken things.