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Culture Commentary: A Day Without Woman

#ADWAW is a point of privilege. I feel its necessary to go ahead and plop that out right up front.

While its intentions are good and wholesome and very kumbaya, it is a point of privilege nonetheless. The woman. The woman who already works more only to be paid less, who uses sick days and vacation days to care of all but themselves. The woman who works … with NO paid time off. The woman who cannot afford to take a day off but is now forced to do so because schools are closed.

I salute each woman who has the mind to participate in #ADWAW. But I remain puzzled about its benefits; its beneficiaries. What good does our absence do when, tomorrow, we will have to work even harder to make up for today?

Absence, like quitting, is easy. The real work of the movement is in presence. The real work is in inviting women into your space who do not look like you, who do not worship like you, who do not live like you do and certainly not where you do. It is our presence that builds, that grows, that lifts. We are beyond the point of ABSENCE.

Resistance cannot only be about what we’re “not gonna do”. Resistance is and always has been about breaking barriers. INSISTING that your child’s school celebrates women’s history; INSISTING that Black history is everyone’s history; INSISTING that a girl’s/woman’s body is her own to control; INSISTING absolutely and on every available platform that Black Lives Matter; INSISTING that your coworker not be unfairly treated simply because her skin has been forever kissed by the sun.

Now is the time to be PRESENT

Now is the time to STAND

Now is the time to SPEAK

Now is the time to FIGHT

Now is the time to ACT

It is wonderful to have a national platform to showcase “solidarity” but the truth, for many/most of you is that the real platform – the place where the real work needs to be done, is WITHIN.

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Lost & Found


Searched for inspiration.
Having found none,
moved on.

Searched instead for creativity.
Which, being evasive,
caused distraction.

Decided to seek motivation.
As perhaps,
it was the better place to start.

Made great strides.
Found great words.
Painted beautiful images.
Remembered to always begin … at the beginning.

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This moment is for living. Be engulfed by its warmth, it’s brilliance. It’s magic and singularity will never come again.

Be windswept and audacious, be awestruck and be kind. Make music and cause laughter, make love and be divine.

Ask questions and never settle, be inspired and be an inspiration. Learn when silence is golden and when it’s necessary to be loud.

Do what brings you joy. Take small steps towards big goals and dive headlong into dreams.

Let disappointments become stones to step rather than burdens to bear and look forward to tomorrow but do not lay bets on seeing its arrival.

This moment is for living. Be engulfed by its warmth, it’s brilliance. It’s magic and singularity will never come again.

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I have propped up your foolishness long enough,
today there can be no more.
Standing on the sidelines watching you live the life of your dreams while I only dream of fully living life.
Providing for you a foundation strong enough to hold your ego wide enough to cover your lies.

I have propped up your foolishness long enough,
today there can be no more.
Wondering which time will really be the last time or if the next time will happen sooner than you promised.
You said “never again”.
I heard “you shouldn’t be surprised when…”

I have propped up your foolishness long enough,
today there can be no more.
It’s time to deconstruct what was and make room for what is to be.
Though much weathered, the foundation remains strong and will continue to maintain it’s grace.

But rather than prop up your foolishness it will support walls of character desired.
Truth, humility, love, faith, patience, kindness;
Because she deserves all that and more.

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My Life: In Six Songs


Recently, NPR proffered a bit of a challenge: “If you could tell your life story — chronologically, up to now — in six songs, what would they be?”

I was intrigued and so, I gave it a shot. This isn’t necessarily a story in the traditional sense but it takes a LOT of thought and creativity to represent your life in six measly songs!

I wouldn’t say that mine are necessarily lyrically literal but these songs capture the essence of my life up to now …

Southern Girl – Frankie Beverly

Got To Give It Up/Party – Marvin Gaye

I will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Brown Skin – India Arie

A Change Is Gonna Come  – Sam Cooke

Crave – Gareth Asher

I would love to hear yours!

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Note To Self


“Note to self {NTS}” I find that I use that notion a lot. Typically when I am drifting out of focus and making something about me that really isn’t.

For instance sitting in a meeting discussing {again} the logistics of some project or idea. The speaker may something about “thinking outside the box” – which as everybody knows is the universal trigger to mentally check out because you’ve been collectively getting out of this box for many months now. But I digress.

So that happens and I make a NTS about buying new shoe boxes. But the notes are rarely anything encouraging, inspiring or uplifting – just more crap to do.

So I was thinking why not a beautiful NTS {lord knows i might be waiting forever on somebody else to write it but i’ll save that lil bit for another time}. Anyway, what would I write to myself as a beautiful love letter, an inspired Note To Self?

Here goes:
Dear Tamika, your ability to allow people the space to be themselves truly astounds. You provide comfort simply by being present. Your thoughts make me wander and wonder. You make me want to take my time to get to know you better, stretching our moments into hours, our hours into days, our days into a lifetime.
PS those candied pecans and red velvet cookies you make are everything! i would be ok getting fat with you

So that’s mine. What’s your inspired Note To Self?