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dig in

on most days

quiet consumption

will suffice

on other days

being devoured

with ravenous glee

is the only way to be sated

a look

a caress

a slight smile









in all ways

you are mine

i am yours

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Pouring Out

put the kettle on

Life is truly about ebbing and flowing; ups and downs; giving and taking. But if we are not careful, if we do not take good care of ourselves we can end up flailing about, constantly searching for our buoyancy. And of course, when we flail, we run the risk of grabbing for anything in search of salvation.

And it’s funny how it happens, we roll right along, doing the ten million things we do. Working, listening, giving, creating … constantly pouring out. All the while, not noticing our own meter. Not noticing that we are not being poured into.

Take parenting for instance. Although I haven’t done the official math on it, I believe that 100% of the time, parents will only receive about a 10% return on “parental investment”. Our children love us, but simply do not care about how much we do to, with and for them. We can bake five thousand cookies the night before a bake sale because a teacher sent a last-minute note in desperate need. We do it for the love of our children, for the support of teachers whom we also love. In return, we may/possibly/not likely receive a pre-typed thank you note in return.

Anyway, you get my meaning on that. I am not delusional enough to think that there is ever a point at which we receive in the same measure what we give. And although the numbers will differ, every aspect of our lives have a measure of input-output which should ultimately balance out.

Confession. I have a terrible problem of monitoring my meter. Whenever I commit to something, I really commit. I’m not a perfectionist but I do place a high expectation on myself to create the best thing or love honestly and without hesitation.

I also have a terrible problem of not demanding that which I pour. And because of this, I at times find myself at points of near-emptiness. All while simultaneously being filled with tears and longing. Filled with a desire to be poured into. Filled with a longing to be loved honestly and without hesitation.

It’s amazing just how much space absence can take up.

Thankfully though, I understand the importance of self-care, of saying no to other people and things. Of saying yes to myself. For now, this is enough to allow me the space to continue to grow stronger in voicing my needs with the full expectation of being poured into …

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There are some moments that are so filled with emotion that no amount of loud or quiet or peace or logic can ever set them free. The feelings that are so real as to nearly take on a life of their own. They wake, un beckoned, steering our thoughts towards a precipice of desire ending at a destruction that all at once leaves us whole, yet, in pieces. These moments are for the living and when not lived, gnaw at our innermost selves as doubt, regret and longing. How peculiar we are to rather choosing longing over losing at the end of a well lived moment.

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This moment is for living. Be engulfed by its warmth, it’s brilliance. It’s magic and singularity will never come again.

Be windswept and audacious, be awestruck and be kind. Make music and cause laughter, make love and be divine.

Ask questions and never settle, be inspired and be an inspiration. Learn when silence is golden and when it’s necessary to be loud.

Do what brings you joy. Take small steps towards big goals and dive headlong into dreams.

Let disappointments become stones to step rather than burdens to bear and look forward to tomorrow but do not lay bets on seeing its arrival.

This moment is for living. Be engulfed by its warmth, it’s brilliance. It’s magic and singularity will never come again.

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If pride goes before the fall, what then, before the pride?
Did too many say too much?
Did the words meant only to lift, cause soaring flight instead?
Was vanity a better bargain than the full cost of staying true?
Did the warmth of the spotlight cool the desire for authenticity?

If pride goes before the fall, what then, before the pride?
Resonating, drowning out reason


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How To Start Your Day .. In A Slump


1. Go to bed ridiculously early the night before

2. While having a midnight sip of water, spill it in your bed

3. Go back to sleep trying to avoid the wet spot

4. Turn the alarm off AND “accidentally” throw the phone on the floor

5. Oversleep

6. Lose all fashion sense and become unable to create an outfit for the day

7. Once an outfit is selected, ironed and on your body …. find an unhide-able stain

8. Regroup, go forth, can’t find keys – can’t find glasses – can’t find swipe card – you know, the usual

9. Off you go, out to conquer the world!!!

And oh, it’s Monday for your child too sooooo you might want to wake him up and get him ready because he has places to be too 😉