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People often speak about successful lives as a result of following their passion(s), doing well those one or two things that bring them joy.

I admire that and actually am a bit envious of it. Not because I’m generally the jealous type but because I want to know HOW they arrived there! HOW did they know or recognize it as “the thing”?

I am good-great at a lot of things. That’s not bragging, that’s just the truth. Some of those things result in people saying ” oh you ought to sell that or do that as a business” to which I often reply “nah, I’m not quite that interested in it to be fulfilling orders and whatnot”.

And even while saying those words I’m thinking “well why not? – what ARE you *that* interested in?”

Idk …


... there is always more ...

One thought on “Passion

  1. If you’re being ruthlessly honest with yourself (?), you probably need to examine why you’re not following through on things you say you like a lot.

    I write for a living and people go “ooooooh!” like it’s so cool. I enjoy it but there is also tremendous stress involved. I market myself every single day (except weekends and holidays!) and chase slow payments and swallow my ego and pride to just get the damn check…If you’re unwilling to make any compromises, ever, passion is just a distraction.

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