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Letters {Number 6}


My Dearest Love,
Do you ever wonder what it is that keeps people afloat? How is it that in times of distress or despair they remain buoyant?
The girls have been adamant about things remaining just as they have always been. I keep telling them that certainly things will change. They have to. Don’t you agree?
I so miss our conversations.
your dearest heart
—- —– —– —-
My Dearest Heart,
It is a pain not unlike that of a physical injury. The thought if you not being here is endless, yet I know that if you were here it would cause you great unhappiness.
I was idling at a stop the other day and drifted out into a memory that does not really exist. You and I were talking about all the things we wanted to do and the people we wanted to be.
I hesitate to call it a fantasy, that just seems like accepting a notion as too far fetched to ever be real.
I know that we are real.
your dearest love

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