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Letters {Number 22}


My Dearest Love,
A strange thing happened. I was walking along the tree path, you know, the one that is beautiful and overwhelming and frightening and beautiful again? I was walking and there were butterflies fluttering in a group that was larger than any I had ever seen. As I walked closer, to get a better look, they immediately dispersed. In that moment I became filled with sadness and dismay. How is it possible to witness such beauty without you by my side?
Your Dearest Heart
— — — — — — —
My Dearest Heart,
People always make mention that “time flies when you’re having fun”. But there’s never a mention of what time does when you’re “longing”, when you can’t imagine having to spend even one more minute away from the place you would really rather be. Can time stand still?
It feels like it.
Your Dearest Love

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Note To Self


“Note to self {NTS}” I find that I use that notion a lot. Typically when I am drifting out of focus and making something about me that really isn’t.

For instance sitting in a meeting discussing {again} the logistics of some project or idea. The speaker may something about “thinking outside the box” – which as everybody knows is the universal trigger to mentally check out because you’ve been collectively getting out of this box for many months now. But I digress.

So that happens and I make a NTS about buying new shoe boxes. But the notes are rarely anything encouraging, inspiring or uplifting – just more crap to do.

So I was thinking why not a beautiful NTS {lord knows i might be waiting forever on somebody else to write it but i’ll save that lil bit for another time}. Anyway, what would I write to myself as a beautiful love letter, an inspired Note To Self?

Here goes:
Dear Tamika, your ability to allow people the space to be themselves truly astounds. You provide comfort simply by being present. Your thoughts make me wander and wonder. You make me want to take my time to get to know you better, stretching our moments into hours, our hours into days, our days into a lifetime.
PS those candied pecans and red velvet cookies you make are everything! i would be ok getting fat with you

So that’s mine. What’s your inspired Note To Self?