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I thought a lot of thoughts that day,
Before. Making. My. Decision.
Was it worth it? Did it matter?
And would you even care? Would today be the final notice, the last indicator of whatever used to be between us?

Or was there ever anything beyond what rested in my mind? In my heart? In my spirit? In my telling of the tale? Perhaps it was all fiction made up purely by a lustful body sending words to my head that never actually crossed my lips. That certainly were never real life?

There were so many thoughts thought that day that I nearly missed the moment. The moment provided to us by fate? By happenstance? By the universe hurling us ever toward one another?

Is it toward or is that too a place that I have designed because of the seemingly insatiable need to be where you are? Perhaps it is apart? Apart is where all things eventually end right? No matter what is said, what is heard, what is felt? There is always the end?

I thought a lot of thoughts that day. Before. Making. My. Decision.

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Image: Alexander Butler