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There Is No More Room For Broken Things


What is it about our nature that causes us to hold on to things long after they have outlived their usefulness? We become almost obsessed with keeping things around even when they are if no benefit. It’s almost as though we fear becoming “less” when we let go of things.

And you know I’m not making that up – I mean there are unscripted/”reality” shows all about our inability to simply clean up and get rid of things. And I am NOT making light of those who are truly incapacitated by separation, I’m talking about the rest of us.

We fill our closets with gadgets that don’t work, our garages with furniture that can’t be used, our minds with thoughts that don’t lift us higher and yes, with people who don’t push us forward. And most commonly with people/things that hold us back.

And the way that life happens it’s as if the more we attempt to be completely convicted by our decision to get rid of stuff/people they become like X-Men! And not just any of the X-Men, nooo, like Mystique – really one the baddest of them all! They take on a quality of superhuman proportion many times more determined to STAY than we are to LET GO.

Are we afraid of failure or loneliness? Do we think people will view us strangely if clean out our closets/FB lists/contact lists/minds? Are we afraid of finding out what we’re really made of?

Of course I don’t have the answer {because that’s not what I do here} but I do know that I have no more room for broken things.