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Wretched Earth


Wretched earth does not begin that way. It starts out healthy, ready, and willing to give of itself in order to bring forth new life. Enduring time, circumstance and situation in efforts to reach it’s full potential. It knows that without creating and supporting new life that’s it’s own existence is in vain.

Seeds are planted there by the hands of nature or by the hands of man. No matter how they got their start there will be no success without care, concern, and nourishment. When left though, to their own accord there instead grows discord.

Becoming taller, stronger and ever more inflexible. Springing forth branches filled will things that will ultimately do more harm than good. When decaying the foulness falls as if from the lips of the most wicked of wickeds.

It it this falling that seeps through layers, burrows down deep and draws away every good thing until the only thing that remains … is wretched earth.

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